Our market report looks at butter and mozzarella prices as well as Brexit and the effect of the summer heatwave.

dairy market report q3 2018

As mentioned in the previous post many buyers were caught unaware yet again as butter soared in price over Q2 due to ever increasing demand. The price neared the astounding levels seen in 2017 where record prices were shattered. That record price hike was considered initially as a freak occurrence but it now seems to […]

butter prices dairy market report

As previously alluded to the record breaking summer we have experienced so far has been great for holiday makers and beach goers but the drought is causing great concern among farmers. Many have already been forced to dig in to their winter silage supply to sustain their herds due to the lack of grass growth. […]

heatwave leads to feed shortage

Mozzarella is another product that, like butter, has experienced a volatile upwards trajectory over the last while. Many felt the sharp increases last year were also an aberration but this prediction didn’t hold out as we yet again saw a big increase over Q2. Mozzarella prices are now around the €3500/ton mark. While other cheese […]

Mozzarella prices q3 2018

Despite the continued turbulence on pricing, particularly evident for butter and mozzarella, we can at least now say we have experienced relative stability over the last few weeks. However this can possibly be linked with the holiday season and traders have been quiet. Another cloud looming on the horizon however is Brexit, and negotiations don’t […]

Brexit negotiations and the dairy market

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