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gary davies sales director ingredient solutions

Our Sales Director Gary Davies is a big sports fan and so we introduce – Gary’s Sport Quiz. There’s a selection of sport questions and answers for your social events below.

gary davies sales director ingredient solutions

Use the print button to print these to use at your event or reload the page to generate some more questions and answers.

Hope you enjoy them. Answers at the bottom.



  1. Who was the artistic director for the London 2012 Olympic Opening ceremony?
    (a) Andrew Lloyd Webber (b) Trevor Nunn (c) Danny Boyle
  2. Where were the Olympics held in 1980?
    (a) Russia (b) Canada (c) USA
  3.  In which game might you get a Turkey?
    (a) Badminton (b) Ten Pin Bowling (c) Baseball
  4. Which country scored after only 8 seconds in an International against England in 1994?
    (a) Germany (b) Denmark (c) San Marino
  5. The term ‘albatross’ in golf means what?
    (a) 5 under parr (b) 4 under par (c) 3 under parr
  6. Bonus Cheese Question: Roquefort and Stilton are examples of 'blue cheeses.' Which of these cheeses are also blue?
    (a) Maytag (b) Coloumiers (c) Taleggio

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  1. (c) Danny Boyle
  2. (a) Russia
  3. (b) Ten Pin Bowling
  4. (c) San Marino
  5. (c) 3 under parr
  6. (a) Maytag - Maytag Blue is a US produced cheese that is ranked among the world’s finest



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