Moon Quiz: a selection of Lunar Quiz Questions and answers for your next zoom or pub quiz challenge

moon quiz questions and answers

moon quiz questions and answers

We all know the moon is made from cheese 🙂 and as we love cheese at Ingredient Solutions we have put together a selection of quiz questions with a lunar theme. This is a printable quiz with the answers at the bottom. There is a a bonus cheese question at the end!

Hope you enjoy them. Answers at the bottom.


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  1. How much farther from the earth does the moon get each year?
    (a) 1.5 inches (b) 6 inches (c) 12 inches
  2. Where was Nicolaus Copernicus born
    (a) Poland (b) Greece (c) Italy
  3. Who wrote the song "Fly Me to the Moon"?
    (a) Frank Sinatra (b) Bart Howard (c) Irving Berlin
  4. How long does a day last on the moon?
    (a) 24 hours (b) 13 days (c) 27 days
  5. The moon is not visible in the night sky during which phase?
    (a) New Moon (b) Waxing Gibbous (c) Third quarter
  6. Bonus Cheese Question: Casu Marzu is a beautiful Sardinian sheep's cheese. What added ingredient makes it taste very unique?
    (a) Sardinian lemon liqueur (b) Garlic and herbs (c) Maggots

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  1. (a) 1.5 inches
  2. (a) Poland
  3. (b) Bart Howard (originally titled "In Other Words", written in 1954
  4. (c) 27 days
  5. (a) New Moon
  6. (c) Maggots!



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