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We love quizzes at ingredient solutions and we are delighted to share our new Food and Drink selection of quiz questions and answers with you. These foodie quiz questions will be great for you social evenings, pub quiz or zoom quiz.

Hope you enjoy them. Answers at the bottom.


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  1. Where does wiener schnitzel come from?
    (a) Austria (b) Switzerland (c) The Czech Republic
  2. Which country consumes the most chocolate per head?
    (a) Britain (b) Russia (c) USA
  3. Which type of fruit or vegetable is a Van?
    (a) Gooseberry (b) Cherry (c) Apple
  4. In California which wine grape variety is the most planted?
    (a) Chardonnay (b) Cabernet Sauvignon (c) Zinfandel
  5. Which of these is a Sticky, elastic protein substance that gives texture to bread?
    (a) Gluten (b) Yeast (c) Starch
  6. A fear of vegetables is called what?
    (a) Pogonophobia (b) Melanophobia (c) Lachanophobia
  7. Which type of cheese was used a cannonball during a battle in 1841?
    (a) Edam (b) Parmesan (c) Cheddar
  8. Your nose should be one guide to optimal cheese ripeness. It takes a very long time for cheese to actually go bad. What odour is a sign that cheese is probably well past its best?
    (a) Ammonia (b) Penicillin (c) Yeast

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  1. (a) Austria
  2. (a) Britain
  3. (b) Cherry
  4. (a) Chardonnay 15.8%
  5. (a) Gluten
  6. (c) Lachanophobia
  7. (a) Edam cheese was used as cannonballs in a battle between Montevideo, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1841. One cheese cannonball killed two soldiers.
  8. (a) Ammonia – This smell is a result of the aging process. A cheese with a really strong aroma of ammonia that doesn’t dissipate within a minute or so is past its best.



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