Food and Drink Quiz Questions and Answers for your Zoom Quiz or Pub Quiz

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Food and Drink Quiz

A random selection of printable food and drink quiz questions from our huge archive. Use these Food questions and answers for a social evening, pub quiz or zoom quiz. Click here to generate another round of food and drink questions. Click for the answers at the bottom.

Food And Drink Quiz

  1. Where does wiener schnitzel come from?
    (a) Austria (b) Switzerland (c) The Czech Republic
  2. Where can you eat matambre?
    (a) Uruguay (b) Mexico (c) Argentina
  3. Where might you eat pabellón criollo?
    (a) Venezuela (b) Colombia (c) Italy
  4. Where could you eat pastilla?
    (a) Madagasca (b) Mexico (c) Morocco
  5. Where would you eat coxinha?
    (a) Portugal (b) Brazil (c) New Zealand
  6. Which of these is a British snack traditionally eaten with butter, jam & clotted cream and takes its name from a Scottish coronation fixture?
    (a) Edinburgh Cake (b) Stirling Pastie (c) Scone
  7. How much of the worlds chocolate comes from small family run farms?
    (a) 10% (b) 50% (c) 80%
  8. A fear of cooking is called what?
    (a) Bathmophobia (b) Mageirocophobia (c) Ataxophobia
  9. How many pounds of milk are needed to make 1 pound of cheese?
    (a) 5 pounds of milk (b) 10 pounds of milk (c) 8 pounds of milk
  10. Where does "Cheese Tea" originate?
    (a) Taiwan (b) Thailand (c) Japan


  1. (a) Austria
  2. (c) Argentina (Stuffed thin cuts of flank steak also known as saudero in some Latin American countries)
  3. (a) Venezuela (made with white rice, shredded beef, black beans, and fried plantains.)
  4. (c) Morocco (puff pastry is made of filo dough stuffed with onions, chicken (or pigeon meat), parsley, and almonds)
  5. (b) Brazil (croquette comprising deep fried breaded chicken)
  6. (c) Scone
  7. (c) 80%
  8. (b) Mageirocophobia
  9. (b) 10 pounds of milk
  10. (a) Taiwan




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