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We love quizzes at ingredient solutions and we are delighted to share our new Food and Drink selection of quiz questions and answers with you. These foodie quiz questions will be great for you social evenings, pub quiz or zoom quiz.

Hope you enjoy them. Answers at the bottom.


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  1. Which of these is a bread with a distinctively tangy taste caused by the lactic acid and acetic acid produced by the lactobacilli?
    (a) Sourdough (b) Zeppole (c) Hardebrood
  2. Some cultures have used cocoa beans to?
    (a) Make houses (b) As decorations (c) As currency
  3. Which of these is a bread whose name is associated with wasting time?
    (a) Pan Purdue (b) Fritter (c) Perte de temps
  4. Which country consumes the most chocolate per head?
    (a) Britain (b) Russia (c) USA
  5. Which wine has varieties called malmsey and sercial?
    (a) Sherry (b) Malvasia (c) Maderia
  6. Where does phở come from?
    (a) Vietnam (b) Burma (c) Malaysia
  7. What are the crunchy bits you sometimes get inside of aged parmesan?
    (a) Calculus (b) Amino acid crystals (c) Sugar
  8. Which country eats the most cheese per head?
    (a) Denmark (b) Iceland (c) Finland

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  1. (a) Sourdough
  2. (c) As Currency. Maya kings accounts show they bought more cocoa than they consumed, so it has been assumed hey paid their workers with the balance.
  3. (b) Fritter
  4. (a) Britain
  5. (c) Maderia
  6. (a) Vietnam (a soup dish with rice noodles and a meat broth)
  7. (b) Amino acid crystals
  8. (a) Denmark consumes 28.1 kilograms of cheese consumption per capita. Iceland 27.7 followed by Finland at 27.3 kilograms.



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