Christmas Competition: Submit a Cheese Themed Quiz Question to win a Prize

We enjoyed the entries from our last competition so much that we decided to run another similar competition and continue to spice up our Quizmaster selection of questions we are inviting you to submit an original cheese themed question for inclusion in our question bank.

The rules are simple:

  1. Questions must follow our format – multiple choice with three options.
  2. It must be original – developed or adapted by you and not simply taken from an already published quiz. We will be using a plagiarism test!
  3. It can’t already be in our quiz question bank or be very similar to a current entry.
  4. Entrants can enter more than one question.

On 11th December 2020, we will choose the winning question. Our sales director, Gary Davies, whose impartiality is beyond question, will decide and his word is final!

The Prize

We will send you a magnificent selection of individual cheeses from the British Isles is designed to alleviate even the most severe case of Lockdown sickness.

Each classic has been chosen for its robustness in transit and its place in the pantheon of Great Cheeses!

Perfect with a glass of red (or two) at your next quiz.

This competition is closed. The Winner was the lovely Fiona Wilcox!

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