Cheese (Plus More) Quiz Questions and Answers for Pub Quizzes and Social Nights

At Ingredient Solutions Ltd we are passionate about cheese, so we have put together some cheese themed quizzes to use for your Zoom quizzes and social functions. We have thrown in a few other related topics, wine and bread and a few googlies to keep you on your toes.
Hope you enjoy them. Answers at the bottom.



  1. Dragon's Breath Blue is?
    (a) A cow's milk cheese of Yunnan, China coated in blue die. It is traditionally made by the Bai people who call it ‘yenx seinp’ which roughly translates as dragon’s breath. (b) The name of the only two Michelin rosette restaurant in Hong Kong. (c) Made from heat treated milk, it is a soft, blue cheese encased in a small outer layer of black wax, made in the USA.
  2. What country invented cheesecake?
    (a) Ancient Greece (b) Modern Greece (c) post 1800 America
  3. Which cheese accounts for almost two-thirds of the Netherlands' production?
    (a) Gouda (b) Maasdam (c) Edam
  4. How many different cheeses varieties are available today?
    (a) 800 (b) 1000 (c) 2000
  5. What type of cheeses are native American products such as Colby, Monterey Jack and Tillamook?
    (a) Cheddar (b) Emmental (c) Brick
  6. Which continent eats the most cheese per head?
    (a) Europe (b) North America (c) Oceania
  7. Where can you find currywurst?
    (a) Germany (b) India (c) Pakistan
  8. What is the correct botanical name for the weed - Dandelion
    (a) Galium aparine (b) Taraxacum officinale (c) Geranium robertianum
  9. In California which wine grape variety is the most planted?
    (a) Chardonnay (b) Cabernet Sauvignon (c) Zinfandel 8.6%
  10. What was Dylan’s first entirely original album?
    (a) The Times they are a changing (b) Highway 61 revisited (c) Bringing it all back home

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  1. (c) Made from heat treated milk, it is a soft, blue cheese encased in a small outer layer of black wax, made in the USA.
  2. (c) post 1800 America - dairyman William Lawrence of Chester, New York, who accidentally stumbled on it in 1872
  3. (a) Gouda
  4. (c) 2000 (Right according to Michael Tunick’s The Science of Cheese 2014)
  5. (a) Cheddar
  6. (a) Europe - Eats 18.42 Kilograms per head (USA and Canada—17 kilograms per head, Australia 12.1 kilograms per head)
  7. (a) Germany (German street food from around 1949. Sliced sausage with tomato sauce and curry powder, usually eaten with bread or french fries)
  8. (b) Taraxacum officinale
  9. (a) Chardonnay 15.8%
  10. (a) The Times they are a changing - protest songs, attacking institutional racism (“Only a Pawn in Their Game”), nationalism and the warfare state (“With God on Our Side”), and fuddy-duddies who stood in the way of social change )



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