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We love cheese at Ingredient Solutions and we are delighted to share these pure cheese questions and answers with you for your pub quiz or zoom quiz. We serve them up to you without any extra toppings of sport, food and drink or extra general knowledge questions. We hope that you enjoy testing your cheese knowledge or that of your colleagues!

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Hope you enjoy them. Answers at the bottom.


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  1. Casu Marzu is a beautiful Sardinian sheep's cheese. What added ingredient makes it taste very unique?
    (a) Sardinian lemon liqueur (b) Garlic and herbs (c) Maggots
  2. How many different cheeses varieties are available today?
    (a) 800 (b) 1000 (c) 2000
  3. Philadelphia cream cheese was first introduced in what city?
    (a) Boston   (b) New York City (c) Philadelphia
  4. Which of these is produced from camel milk?
    (a) Caciotta (b) Cameo (c) Caravane
  5. Which English cheese is known as the King of Cheeses?
    (a) Cheddar (b) Stilton (c) Red Leicester
  6. The thin, dark line in French Morbier is due to?
    (a) Volcanic ash (b) Gauloise ash (c) Blue mould

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  1. (c) Maggots!
  2. (c) 2000 (Right according to Michael Tunick’s The Science of Cheese 2014)
  3. (b) New York City
  4. (c) Caravane
  5. (b) Stilton - Stilton, a mellow blue cheese that also has a 'white' version
  6. (a) Volcanic ash



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