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We love cheese at Ingredient Solutions and we are delighted to share these pure cheese questions and answers with you for your pub quiz or zoom quiz. We serve them up to you without any extra toppings of sport, food and drink or extra general knowledge questions. We hope that you enjoy testing your cheese knowledge or that of your colleagues!

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  1. The cheese slicer is a tool that has played an important role in Swedish cheese culture but where was it invented?
    (a) France (b) Switzerland (c) Norway
  2. In the old but much loved 'Tom and Gerry' cartoons, what cheese did Gerry the mouse like best?
    (a) Cheddar (b) Emmental (c) Brie
  3. What sort of leaves is Cornish Yarg wrapped in?
    (a) Stinging nettle (b) Dock (c) Dandelion
  4. In the 15th century this famous English cheese was made with ewe's milk, but it's now cow's milk cheese. What is it?
    (a) Cheshire (b) Double Gloucester (c) Lincolnshire Poacher
  5. The rind of which AOC-protected French cheese is washed in annatto?
    (a) Epoisses de Bourgogne (b) Langres (c) Figuette
  6. Which of these adjectives is NOT usually used when describing cheese?
    (a) Barnyardy (b) Clean (c) Astringent

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  1. (c) Norway
  2. (b) Emmental
  3. (a) Stinging nettle
  4. (b) Double Gloucester
  5. (b) Langres (an orange-red condiment and food coloring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree (Bixa orellana) native to tropical regions from Mexico to Brazil.)
  6. (c) Astringent - An overly tannic white wine.



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