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We love cheese at Ingredient Solutions and we are delighted to share these pure cheese questions and answers with you for your pub quiz or zoom quiz. We serve them up to you without any extra toppings of sport, food and drink or extra general knowledge questions. We hope that you enjoy testing your cheese knowledge or that of your colleagues!

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Hope you enjoy them. Answers at the bottom.


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  1. Shepherd’s Hope is?
    (a) A fresh sheep’s milk cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. (b) An alternative to mozzarella or feta, made in the USA and ready to eat on the day of preparation. (c) A hard mountain cheese made in New Zealand, stored in caves where shepherds keep a stock in case they are cut off by bad weather. Australian slang for a desperate situation.
  2. What are the crunchy bits you sometimes get inside of aged parmesan?
    (a) Calculus (b) Amino acid crystals (c) Sugar
  3. In the old but much loved 'Tom and Gerry' cartoons, what cheese did Gerry the mouse like best?
    (a) Cheddar (b) Emmental (c) Brie
  4. A cheese much used in pizzas that takes its name from the Italian for 'cut.'
    (a) Mozzarella (b) Ricotta (c) Provolone
  5. Which English cheese is known as the King of Cheeses?
    (a) Cheddar (b) Stilton (c) Red Leicester
  6. Holland's most exported cheese made in wheels with a waxed red or yellow rind; used in fondues.
    (a) Maasdammer (b) Prima Donna "Dutch Parmesan" (c) Gouda

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  1. (a) A fresh sheep’s milk cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s milk.
  2. (b) Amino acid crystals
  3. (b) Emmental
  4. (a) Mozzarella (from mozzare, to cut off)
  5. (b) Stilton - Stilton, a mellow blue cheese that also has a 'white' version
  6. (c) Gouda



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