Diced Cheese

Diced cheese is commonly found in starter and sides, the most well-known application is probably diced goats cheese in salads. In terms of wholesale cheeses, usually a business would be looking to purchase mozzarella or cheddar.

Slightly thinner cut cubes of cheese (which are still too chunky to be called ‘slices’) are often referred to as ‘chopped’ cheese. This is especially true in the United States; chopped cheese may often refer to diced cheese.

Wholesale Diced Cheese

Diced foods sit atop salads providing a beautiful (and cost-effective) aesthetic for their related dishes. Diced cheese is easy to mix or blend into a salad, since there will likely be other diced foodstuffs (such as diced tomatoes) present as well. Since diced cheese is tasty, aesthetically pleasing and simple to mix in with other ingredients – it’s a cheese of choice for many caterers.

For companies which provide catering or food-related services (including event management), diced cheese is a good wholesale purchase. Companies which do not employ full-time staff to further process food are likely to get more benefit from buying diced cheese in bulk, when compared with employing food workers to dice solid blocks of cheese. Since labour can be very costly, buying pre-diced cheeses is a great way to save on hard-earned budget.

Diced cheese specifications:


  • 3mm, 5mm, 10mm cubes or a combination of sizes up to 25mm
  • Julienne cut – 5x5x25mm
  • Packed any weight from 200g to 5kg
  • Pillow packed & gas flushed to maintain free flow properties
  • Blended to meet specific:
    • Price
    • Melt
    • Colour
    • Nutritional value
    • Appearance
    • Flavour

Diced cheese is ideal for use in breads, sausages and ready meals where good cheese definition is essential. We can produce and supply large quantities of bespoke diced cheese at any specification.

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