Crumbed cheese

Crumbed ingredients and dishes are prevalent world-wide and cheese is often introduced (along with breadcrumbs) as a topping. Crumbed cheese is a tasty treat and can be found in many dishes and sides including crumbed cheese balls.

Wholesale Crumbed Cheese

Using kitchen utensils to cut cheese blocks into grated or diced cheese is relatively easy, but the process of creating crumbed cheese is a little more in-depth. Firstly you’ll require additional ingredients such as egg, milk and the breadcrumbs themselves.

As a large catering, food distribution company or restaurant / outlet; you probably won’t have the time or spare resources (staff) to further process blocks of cheese into crumbed cheese. Buying your crumbed cheese in bulk could alleviate this problem, since (although the cost of labour is included per unit) buying in volume entitles you to better overall prices.

Crumbed cheese specifications:


  • Fine ground to coarse chopped cheeses
  • Packed 10kg bag in box
  • Blended to meet specific :
    • Price
    • Melt
    • Colour
    • Nutritional value
    • Appearance
    • Flavour

Crumbed cheese is used as a topping for ready meals, lasagne, etc and also to size reduce more crumbly or blue cheeses, e.g. Stilton, Danish Blue, Shropshire Blue, etc.

We produce and supply crumbed cheese in large quantities and we can customise it for a variety of applications.

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