Cheese Shavings

Cheese shavings are slightly irregular slices and cuts of cheese which often find a place in gastro pubs and charming rural restaurants. The slightly irregular look of cheese shavings means that they are not aesthetically linked with mass-produced ingredients and can give rustic charm to pizzas and ready meals.

Wholesale cheese shavings

If your business doesn’t have the staff or spare resources to chop cheese blocks up into cheese shavings, buying cheese shavings in bulk could be a great solution. Although the work of ‘shaving’ the cheese is costed into each unit, buying in volume means that you’ll be paying less overall.

It’s usually cheaper to buy shaved cheese wholesale than it is to contract workers to shave down previously purchased cheese blocks. With their jaunty, irregular look – cheese shavings scattered on top can make any dish attractive.

Specifications of cheese shavings:


  • Packed in various weights, e.g., 1kg, 2kg, 5kg
  • Pillow packed & gas flushed to maintain free flow properties
  • Cheese shavings can be designed to meet specific :
    • Price
    • Melt
    • Colour
    • Nutritional value
    • Appearance
    • Flavour

Cheese shavings are used as an aesthetic topping on salads, pizzas, pastas etc. We manufacture and supply bespoke cheese shavings to any specification and required quantity. Customisable to meet your needs.

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