The Beer Cheese trend is growing and developing its craft beer credentials

Beer cheese originated in Kentucky in the 1940s and is traditionally a cheese spread made from either a processed cheese or a cheddar combined with beer for flavour and texture. It is enjoyed with crackers as an appetizer. It has seen growth in popularity in recent years.

There are lots of recipes for home-made beer cheese emerging online, a very basic recipe is cream cheese, grated cheddar, & mozzarella, beer, garlic powder and hot sauce. These are simply combined and then baked gently for 15 minutes. Depending on the consistency it can be used as a dip or a spread and is often served with a pretzel.

Queen Elizabeth II is said to like Beer Cheese and it’s reported that she took some home with her from a visit to Lexington, USA in 1994.

Nation’s Restaurant News ,, quotes figures from US market research company Datassential:

42% of Americans have heard of Beer Cheese and 24% have tried Beer Cheese. It’s found on 2.7% of menus that is a 56% growth in the past 4 years.

We predict beer cheese will see a similar growth in popularity Europe, how could it not when we produce such great craft beers and cheeses.

Recent advances in the commercial production of beer cheeses are to emphasise the craft ale ingredients and we see developments like the perpetual beer cheese of the Caputo Brothers, in Central Pennsylvania. Perpetual Beer Cheese takes a novel approach to one of key components in beer — hops — by infusing it into warm pasteurized milk like a giant tea bag.


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