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“Cheeeseboarding” has become Instagram’s latest artistic trend with more than half a million posts using the #Cheeseboard hashtag.

Cheeseboards have really moved to another level. The Cheeseboards of Instagram are created artistically using the addition of fruits, meats, relishes and nuts and are imaginative and stunning. They are jam packed with exciting flavours, textures and colours to compliment the cheese. And it’s not just social media influencers and Instagram foodies who are indulging in cheeseboarding – The Telegraph newspaper reported last week that over 150 UK businesses are now offering beautiful decorative cheeseboards for special events.

We’ve been so impressed by the cheeseboards that we’ve seen on Instagram that we thought we’d celebrate them on our website by showcasing some of them and having a fun poll to see which our readers like best. We’ve picked six that we really like and invite you to vote for your favourite.

Which is your favourite Cheese Board?Take a look at the six cheeseboards below and then vote for your favourite.

Board 1: @murrayscheese

Board 2: @uptonogoudaco

Board 3: @savor_style

Board 4: @grateboards

Board 5: @grazehtx

Board 6: @fineoutfromage

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