TEAGASC research into patterns of cheese consumption

The aim of this research was to examine cheese consumption in Irish adults and to determine its association with healthy eating, consumption of other foods and food choice attitudes. Analysis of food choice attitudes, sociodemographic information and consumption patterns was completed using the data from the National Adult Nutrition Survey

Teagasc is the Agriculture and Food Development Authority of Ireland. It is the national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities.

In December 2018 Teagasc published research in to patterns of cheese consumption to dispel myths about the role of cheese in a healthy diet. This report includes a variety of elements:

  • The history of cheese in the human diet the discovery of cheese last year that dates from over 7000 years ago in Egypt.
  • The prevalence of cheese in the irish diet – 2/3 of the population regularly eat cheese with an average intake of 21g a day.
  • Those who didn’t eat cheese tended to be older people
  • It was found that the fat intake of the irish diet was equal regardless of cheese consumption
  • No association was found between BMI and cheese intake
  • Removing cheese from one’s diet was found to remove essential nutrients which must be replaced

The report concludes, “Taste should not be overlooked as the most important food choice motive for most consumers and additional opportunities exist to promote the potential of cheese to offer a range of benefits that incorporates attributes such as taste, mood and health”.


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