Research Suggests Eating Cheese May Boost Mental Health And Contribute To Healthy Aging

cheese and fruit

cheese and fruitAnother piece of research affirming the healthfulness of cheese was published recently. It is generally accepted that people with better mental health have better physical health as they age. This study attempted to establish what factors improve mental health and and why that leads to healthier aging.

Researchers used genetic data from several large studies to examine how mental well-being (life satisfaction, positivity, neuroticism, and depressive symptoms) affects healthy aging. They found that better mental well-being leads to improved aging outcomes like resilience, healthspan, and longevity, regardless of socioeconomic status. Those with better mental health generally exhibited better self-rated health, greater resilience, and longer lifespans.

The reseachers discovered that sedentary activity such as smoking, inactivity, and excessive TV watching were linked to poorer well-being, whilst enjoying more cheese and fruits was linked to better well-being.

Mendelian randomization evidence for the causal effect of mental well-being on healthy aging
Published in Nature Human Behaviour Journal June 2024
Chao-Jie Ye, Dong Liu, Ming-Ling Chen, Li-Jie Kong, Chun Dou, Yi-Ying Wang, Min Xu, Yu Xu, Mian Li, Zhi-Yun Zhao, Rui-Zhi Zheng, Jie Zheng, Jie-Li Lu, Yu-Hong Chen, Guang Ning, Wei-Qing Wang, Yu-Fang Bi & Tian-Ge Wang



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