Research suggests cheese may help to control blood sugar levels

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cheese supplierA recent University of Alberta study, funded by Dairy Farmers of Canada (C.B.C.), shows that contrary to associations people make with high fat content, cheese may help to control blood sugar levels.

The study was conducted on pre-diabetic rats specifically how cheese affected insulin sensitivity. The rats were fed both low-fat and regular cheese and at the end of the study they showed improved levels of blood sugar regardless of whether they were fed low fat or regular cheese.

Nutrition expert Catherine Chan said, “The cheese didn’t totally normalize the effects of insulin, but it significantly improved them.”

She cautioned people with health issues to ask their doctor or a dietitian first about cheese in their individual diets, but said for most people, it’s part of a healthy diet.

“The key to good health is to have a diversity of good food, and cheese has a place in the diet of most people. Like grandma says, everything in moderation. If I love cheese, I would not cut it out of my diet,” said Chan.

Read more here on the MedicalXpress website



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