Predictions for 2022 and beyond: Frozen Food in the UK

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This month Bord Bia released their research on the future of frozen food in the UK. The detailed report is available to download here: The Future of Frozen Foods in the UK. The team at Bord Bia conducted extensive research and analysis and this is a quick look at the insights.

Consumers are buying more Frozen Food than ever before according to research by the British Frozen Food Association. This has been predominantly driven by the longer shelf life offered by this sector.

The report looks at ways in which frozen food businesses can continue this trend beyond the pandemic:

  • More engaging convenience
  • Accommodating the needs of the new generation
  • Willingness to explore
  • Enhancing the value for money equation

Market research found that almost 9 in 10 UK frozen food shoppers were open to switching between frozen and fresh foods especially for certain types of food and consumers felt that the selection and quality of frozen foods has improved. Many people find the amount of freezer space that they have at home is the main limiter on their purchases of frozen food.

The report breaks down the consumers into four cohorts – Frozen Embracers, Recent Engagers, Simplicity Seekers and Back Up Buyers.

It found that all segments engaged strongly in Frozen Pizza – most notably the Simplicity Seeker and Frozen Embracer cohorts. New products in the pizza aisle have focussed on using premium ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Frozen Bakery frozen bakery product launches have focussed on convenience and indulgence whilst Ice Cream product launches have focussed on bringing something different.

In terms of ready meals “Usually consumers of ready meals are cash rich and time poor.” Frozen Food Report 2021 and new products have focussed on their sustainability through plant based and local ingredients as well as convenience.

In terms of future growth in the Frozen Food Sector the report suggests that businesses consider four key aspects to focus marketing on:

1. Better than you think
2. Better for you
3. Better for the world
4. Better choice

It analyses how each of those four statements can be applicable to the four frozen food consumer cohorts.

To read the report in full click here



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