Our Covid-19 Emergency Mitigation Plan

covid mitigation plan

Every step has been taken to protect our family of employees whilst producing the best quality ingredients for our diverse base of customers in this unprecedented time.

Our Technical Manager Suma Lakshmana has spent her time focussed on our Covid-19 Emergency Mitigation plan which proved essential in gaining our BRC AA accreditation extension last week, great news for the business, great news for the team, great news for our customers.

The Emergency Mitigation Plan developed by Ingredient Solutions Ltd, is in response to the unprecedented challenges faced by society and the food industry since the Coronavirus Disease (COVID–19) Pandemic outbreak.

The Covid-19 Emergency Mitigation plan aims to cover the policy and actions Ingredients Solutions Ltd are taking towards COVID-19. This action outlines the GMP practices employed by ingredient solutions in order to mitigate risks associated with outbreak and ensure all necessary measures are taken to protect its employees, visitors and business from COVID-19 disease. All necessary resources will be provided to all our staff to prevent the spread of the Virus and thus ensuring the continued supply.

A preparedness response has also been formalised in the event of a member staff being infected. All advice given by the HSE will be followed to ensure our staff, visitors, customers and general public will be protected and the food supply chain will remain strong and robust.

If you would like more information on our Covid-19 Emergency Mitigation plan please contact us .



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