Adding dairy products to your favourite meals causes a pleasure surge of 27%

eating pizza

eating pizzaThe study was published on 28th March 2019 and is part of a consumer marketing campaign being conducted by AHDB with Dairy UK, and looked at people’s responses to different food options – one with dairy added and one without. Conducted under the tongue in cheek name ‘The Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs’, the research reveals adding dairy products to your favourite meals causes a pleasure surge of 27%.

To conduct the study, participants wore headbands which monitored their brainwaves and a body language expert observed the participants’ behaviour during the meals.

79% of participants stated that just adding a dollop of yogurt or sprinkling of cheese to our dishes makes them more enjoyable.

Not only did the study reveal that they were happier eating meals which contained dairy products, it also showed that nearly three quarters of Britons say they cannot imagine a world without dairy.

When it comes to what cheese melts our hearts the most, the British public remain loyal to Cheddar, with the majority (52%) crowning it their favourite cheese.

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