New Realities for the Food Industry

In our recent poll we asked respondents to indicate what their most pressing business concern is right now and the initial results are in. Supply Chain Disruption was the overwhelming concern of 42% of those who responded to the poll. This was followed by 28% of respondents who were most concerned about a consumer demand slump.

These are the first of a number of posts linking to whitepapers. We will be publishing more over the coming weeks and gathering together a large number of white papers on the future of food and the legacy left in the wake of Covid19. These will help the food industry to develop their vision of what the future might hold and to try to help us all to grow into this new reality.

Supply Chain Lessons Learned from The Coronavirus and SARS Outbreaks

Avetta have produced an analysis of the supply chain lessons we should learn from both Covid19 and the SARS outbreaks. Please note that you are required to sign up for their mailing list to get a copy of the document. The paper suggests that one of the most significant things organizations need to focus on is establishing a comprehensive and conducive business continuity plan (BCP) and determining the degree of organizational preparedness to deal with events like the global COVID-19 outbreak. This includes reviewing company policies on communicable diseases, monitoring internal and external communication measures, identifying alternative vendors and conducting thorough online and off-line training and simulation drills. Avetta suggest that this should not be approached as a one time exercise but an ongoing process – businesses should continually analyze and update their business continuity plans in order to avoid delays should there be another outbreak.


There will be huge changes in the next 10 years not just due to Covid19

This document on the future of food was published by Accenture and access to it is free. This paper shows how much food retailing and production are changing around the globe. From how food is designed and where it’s grown to how it’s consumed and who is consuming it. The paper asserts that the food industry will soon look nothing like its former self. The outlook presented here points to more change in the food industry in the next 10 years than in the last 50.




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