Innovation is essential in the Covid-19 Era

The coronavirus pandemic has shown the food industry new innovations and technologies that might benefit them in their recovery and in living with Covid-19 in the coming months. Technology and innovation in areas such as communication channels and business networks and new innovations in the food service industry have become increasingly important.

[Updated] Technomic’s Take: COVID-19, The Foodservice View

The Foodservice ViewThis extensive analysis Technomic looks at the food service industry explores the US market and the worldwide situation. It looks at the innovations that have been implemented to help food service drive business during this period. From new attractive menu options, such as meal bundles and special offers, contactless sales using online and instore technologies, and risk mitigation through the employment of concierges to control numbers and implement hygiene protocols. Foodservice has been forced to innovate to survive.

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How COVID-19 Made the Network a Strategic Imperative

Industry has been shown the importance of a robust network infrastructure. Facilitating employees to work from home has tested business networks and shown up both weaknesses and strengths, those who were prepared and those who weren’t. There has been a further push towards cloud network providers and security has become a paramount concern.

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Gartner report, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: Short-and Long Term Actions for CIOs

This report is free to read but involves a sign up process – you can sign up here to access it. Gartner, is a global research and advisory firm. This report is aimed at Chief Information Officers and looks at the implications of remote working, shifting demand and confused and changing information. It recommends both short term and long term actions that may help to alleviate problems. Effective use of collaboration tools, the establishment of communication channels, ensuring data security and how to adapt existing products to a changing market and increase marketing routes by embracing online channels.



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