Ingredient Solutions awarded the EcoVadis Platinum Medal for Sustainability

the ecovadis platinum award

The Ingredient Solutions production management team with the Platinum medal from EcoVadis for Sustainability awarded this month. Photo left to right: Esther Linehan (Office Manager), Margarete Morski (Production Manager), Suma Lakshmana (Technical Manager), Ian Galletly (Managing Director), Claire O’Gorman (Procurement Manager)

Ingredient Solutions Ltd has always been a forward thinking company. The business was founded in 2000 at the very start of the millennium with “innovation” at the heart of the mission statement. Despite these most turbulent times Ingredient Solutions continues winning and maintaining contracts with some of the UK and Europe’s leading names in food service and production. Also now they export cheese to the food industry all over the world including the Middle East and China, even sending cheese regularly to the Bahamas.

The business strives to maintain the highest standards possible both in the production facility and in the customer service provided by the team. These high standards are now being applied to Ingredient Solutions’ approach to sustainability.

Ingredient Solutions has always been very conscious of its impact on the local environment. The production facility is situated in a thriving rural Irish village called Boherbue in North Cork, bringing vital employment to the community. The factory is surrounded by rolling hillsides and stunning landscapes so minimising the impact of the business on the local area has always been high on the list of priorities.

With climate change and sustainability at the forefront of world policies and recognising the importance of all sectors of industry to focus on their environmental impact, Ingredient Solutions set itself on a course to achieve the highest possible sustainability standards.

In 2020 Ingredient Solutions began a proactive route to achieving sustainability, recognising it was the business’ responsibility to measure its impact on the environment and to take action to achieve sustainability. The company began working with EcoVadis to set sustainability targets and measure its success in achieving them. This has resulted in the award of the top ranking, the Platinum Medal in 2021, achieved by only 1% of businesses.

Managing Director, Ian Galletly said,

“Having a sustainable business is critical in the current climate. As we grow, we invest and the Ecovadis platform was the ideal way for us to benchmark our progress. The team did a great job gaining Silver status first time round last year. That inspired us to aim higher still, so we expanded our cross-departmental team internally and partnered with Nexio Projects, an international sustainability consultancy based in Rotterdam, to drive us to Gold status this year. In the event we raised our game sufficiently to secure Platinum recognition, a huge achievement. To be in the top 1% of businesses assessed by Ecovadis is something we are really proud of. It’s now all about retaining and building for the future.”

The sustainability assessment is holistic and based on environmental factors, such as energy consumption and pollution during production as well as the environmental impact of the products themselves, for example the products’ end of life scenario. Business ethics are also included and the management and business practices are assessed to ensure that the business is responsible. The working environment of the staff, conditions, training, safety and rights are also investigated during the process. An action plan emerges from the assessment which guides staff in improving the sustainability of the business.

The EcoVadis Platimum Medal 2021 awarded to Ingredient Solutions Ltd

Receiving the highest award, the Platinum Medal, shows that Ingredient Solutions are at the forefront of their industry. A great deal of credit for the achievement lies with two key members of staff – Technical Manager, Suma Lakshmana, and Production Manager, Margarete Morski, who have been the driving force of this initiative.

Suma Lakshmana said, “I want to acknowledge and congratulate everyone who has contributed to this success. We can grow and improve even further on what has already been achieved with continued support and team work.”

Looking ahead to 2022, Ingredient Solutions intend to continue to improve sustainability still further. The company also anticipate that “Vegans Choice”, the newest addition to the Yellow Road Range, will be a popular new product. It’s a great tasting mozzarella alternative for the food industry, helping food businesses adapt their menus for a growing number of vegan and flexitarian consumers.



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