Ingredient Solutions retains Ecovadis Platinum Award for Sustainablity

In 2021, Ingredient Solutions was awarded a Platinum status by sustainability ratings experts EcoVadis in recognition of its efforts towards sustainability. This week we were awarded Platinum status once again for 2022, this time achieving an even higher score than in 2021.

Since its founding in 2007, EcoVadis has grown to become the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies. Platinum is the highest rating that EcoVadis offers – putting Ingredient Solutions among the top 1% of all businesses assessed worldwide

The Ecovadis assessment focuses on 21 sustainability criteria that are grouped into four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.  This year Karina Souza, Logistics Supervisor at Ingredient Solutions, was designated to be the leader of this project with the support of the whole management team to carry out the actions. Tara Gallety and Esther Linehan were responsible for the assessments’ Labour & Human Rights and Ethics section. Karina Souza, Ted Healy, Thomas Galletly and Suma Lakshmana worked on actions related to the Environment and Claire O’Gorman was responsible for actions related to Sustainable procurement. 

Karina said “Achieving an Ecovadis Platinum certificate shows Ingredient Solutions’ commitment to sustainability. The management team I work with are always ready to push for a better result and are really supportive. I’m extremely proud that we managed to surpass the score that was achieved in 2021 and I will be looking for ways that we can do even better in 2023. “

Karina Souza (Project Leader and Logistics Supervisor), Tara Galletly (Finance Supervisor), Suma Lakshmana (Technical Manager), Ted Healy (Operations Manager): Some of the Management Team who worked on the assessment

In the latest analysis by Ecovadis Ingredient Solutions achieved an impressive 10% improvement in the environment criteria.

This improvement was due to various initiatives:

  • Changes to specifications to reduce cardboard boxes – The company encourages customers to switch to reusable pallecon containers rather than single use cardboard
  • A focus on reducing CO2 emissions through actions to optimize trucks, and an option of reusable products such as plastic pallets
  • There was a campaign to raise awareness among employees which highlighted the importance of small actions within the company

All of these actions contributed to the positive results. Ingredient Solutions aim to continue their focus on sustainability and the sustainability team are already working on 2023 submissions to retain their platinum status going forward.

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