Including cheese in the diet is good for heart health

A 2021 Danish study that looked at the impact of dairy foods on heart health found that including cheese in the diet did not have a negative impact on the health of the heart.

The purpose of the research was to assess the impact different types of dairy product in the diet had on the occurance of various forms of heart disease.

It took the form of a systematic review and meta-analysis of 33 cohort studies to summarize the findings on the associations between total intake of dairy products and intake of dairy product subgroups (milk, yogurt, cheese and butter) and the risk of major atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (total (the sum of fatal and nonfatal) coronary heart disease (CHD), total ischemic stroke and peripheral artery disease) in the general adult population.

The study concluded that overall, the studies indicated no association between total intake of dairy, intake of low-fat dairy or intake of high-fat dairy and risk of CHD or ischemic stroke. Cheese was inversely associated with CHD (RR 0.96 (95% confidence interval 0.93-0.98) per 20 g higher intake/day), indicating that those with a higher cheese intake in a diet had less heart disease.

The full paper is visible here:

“Intake of dairy products and associations with major atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies”
Marianne Uhre Jakobsen, Ellen Trolle, Malene Outzen, Heddie Mejborn, Manja G. Grønberg, Christian Bøge Lyndgaard, Anders Stockmarr, Stine K. Venø, and Anette Bysted



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