Identifying Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

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Supply chain disruption is the key concern of the majority of food businesses, based on our recent online poll. We have put together a series of articles with information and links to whitepapers to help businesses mitigate that risk. This is the third in the series.


New Realities for the Food Industry
Minimising Supply Chain Risk

Food Supply Chain Vulnerability: A Ti whitepaper in partnership with RQA Group

Vulnerability of the food supply chain is one of the hottest topics in the international food industry. Those vulnerabilities are not limited to breaches of physical security, theft and malicious contamination by ideologues, extortionists, criminals or terrorists. In this whitepaper, Ti’s CEO, Professor John Manners-Bell, and Managing Director, RQA Group, Vince Shiers Ph.D., offer insight into the vulnerability of the food supply chain by highlighting the threats and offering analysis of the best practice for securing the supply chain. This report is free to download.

A practical approach to supply-chain risk management

There have been a wide range of issues that have disrupted supply chains in recent years. At the heart of these crises is a common theme—the lack of robust processes to identify and successfully manage growing supply-chain risks as the world becomes more interconnected.

This paper analyses the reasons that supply chain risk assessment has been slow to develop methodologies and suggest that is because 1) Supply-base transparency is hard (or impossible) to achieve. 2) The scope and scale of risks is intimidating. 3) Proprietary data restrictions impede progress.

This free paper explains how to take a practical approach to mapping both known and unknown risks in the supply chain.



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