How can the food service industry adapt to the new environment created by the Covid-19 pandemic

Ingredient Solutions supplies cheese ingredients to food service and food manufacturers so we are constantly analysing the market changes that have been brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have collected together a wide variety of analyses and predictions to share with our fellow industry professionals. This selection is looking at predictions for the food service industry.

How restaurants can thrive in the next normal – McKinsey

This McKinsey report looks at the US restaurant market and how it can adapt to the new environment created by the Covid-19 pandemic. It offers insights which are relevant all over the world. It looks at how the effect on some sectors has been greater than others, for example some US pizza retailers during lockdown whilst eat-in fine dining saw profits plummet to zero in some cases. In the US a correlation was found between the denser the population the bigger the decline.

Sadly the report predicts one in five restaurants remaining permanently closed and that the survivors will be those who are best able to adapt and employ new safety measures. The report suggests that in the recovery period, top priorities ought to include updating operating procedures, reactivating customers to bring them back into restaurant dining rooms, adjusting menus to address shifts in customer habits and preferences, and enhancing delivery capabilities. It suggests seizing the opportunity to innovate whether in interior design, menu changes or by using digital technology.
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Bord Bia insight reports on Food Service

Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board is publishing regular reports during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the latest report it highlights that Germany’s food service and hospitality industry has suffered a 40% fall, the largest ever. There are calls for more political support.

The McKinsey report we looked at before mentioned the importance of innovation and this seems to be happening as bord bia points to a completely contactless experience and the introduction of reusable cups by starbucks in the middle east. The UK food service market has benefitted from the eat out to help out scheme but that’s now coming to an end. We look forward to seeing what innovations the industry come up with.

covid 19 slumpRoadmap to help food systems tackle COVID-19 slump

A global roadmap to help the food supply chain recover from the impact of coronavirus has been set out by industry experts from six continents.

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