Heatwave leads to feed shortfall

heatwave leads to feed shortage

heatwave leads to feed shortage

As previously alluded to the record breaking summer we have experienced so far has been great for holiday makers and beach goers but the drought is causing great concern among farmers. Many have already been forced to dig in to their winter silage supply to sustain their herds due to the lack of grass growth.

The extra costs of buying in extra feed are also taking their toll and are impacting the bottom line. The normally lush green pastures of rural UK & Ireland are now an arid brown and this was clearly evident at the recent Open at Carnoustie which visually looked more like a Dubai Desert Classic! There has been a small amount of rain in recent days but nothing too substantial and farmers will need the heavens to open up some more to relieve some of the pressure they face. The conundrum is simple, if the drought continues and farmers are further hindered there will have to be an effect on dairy commodity prices. The last thing we need is another factor coming in to play to drive prices to an even more silly level so we will watch this one with bated breath.


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