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We love quizzes at ingredient solutions and we are delighted to share our new Food and Drink selection of quiz questions and answers with you. These foodie quiz questions will be great for you social evenings, pub quiz or zoom quiz.

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  1. Chocolate played a part in which kitchen discovery?
    (a) The Refrigerator (b)The Electric Whisk (c) The Microwave.
  2. Where can you eat matambre?
    (a) Uruguay (b) Mexico (c) Argentina
  3. The heat of chilli peppers is measured using
    (a) Scoville scale (b) Beaufort Scale (c) Fujita scale
  4. What was the name of the Roman God of wine
    (a) Bacchus (b) Portunes (c) Volturnus
  5. Which of these is a bread whose name is associated with wasting time?
    (a) Pan Purdue (b) Fritter (c) Perte de temps
  6. What type of fruit or vegetable is an autumn bliss?
    (a) Cherry (b) Apple (c) Raspberry
  7. Where can you find currywurst?
    (a) Germany (b) India (c) Pakistan
  8. Hock, takes its name from Hochheim. Which river is it on?
    (a) Main (b) Moselle (c) Rhine
  9. Who was dubbed “the father of Cheddar cheese”?
    (a) Joseph Harding (b) Joseph Heeler (c) Joseph Cheddar
  10. Which country is the world's largest producer of cheese?
    (a) United States (b) France (c) New Zealand

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  1. (c) The Microwave. WW2 scientist working on radar discovered a chocolate bar in his pocket had melted whilst he was at work and concluded that microwaves could be used to heat food.
  2. (c) Argentina (Stuffed thin cuts of flank steak also known as saudero in some Latin American countries)
  3. (a) Scoville scale
  4. (a) Bacchus
  5. (b) Fritter
  6. (c) Raspberry
  7. (a) Germany (German street food from around 1949. Sliced sausage with tomato sauce and curry powder, usually eaten with bread or french fries)
  8. (c) Rhine
  9. (a) Joseph Harding
  10. (a) United States



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