Evolving Food Habits due to Covid-19 and Embracing the Circular Economy

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Ingredient Solutions Ltd are cheese ingredient suppliers for food production, food service and wholesalers. With data emerging every day painting a picture of the changed markets since the Covid-19 crisis struck we have been collecting together the articles to support our customers with current information. Today we look at the changing food habits and demands of consumers and how businesses can adjust to the “new normal”.

Squaring the circle: how food and drink manufacturers can unlock the value of the circular economy after Covid-19 – The Grocer

consumer habitsPlease not that you are required to sign up to download the full document. In this whitepaper the Grocer and Sage looks at the need to embrace the circular economy – The circular economy is a more sustainable alternative to the current ‘take, make, waste’ industrial model, the advent of the Covid19 pandemic has caused this to be about more than environmental concerns with a greater emphasis on resilience. The paper states that Food companies don’t need to panic, but they do need to adopt an incremental transition plan for sourcing more sustainably produced, more transparent and more nutritious food.

Evolving eating habits as a result of COVID-19

In April 2020, FMCG Gurus surveyed consumers across 18 countries about how coronavirus was influencing their food attitudes and behaviours. It found that across the globe, a total of 48 percent of consumers believe that COVID-19 will continue to influence day-to-day lives for at least twelve months. As such, this is something that will drive demand for food that is healthy, sustainable and offers moments of comfort.

How COVID-19 is shaking up consumer trends: Mintel

The market insight firm says the coronavirus pandemic has made vegan, ‘healing’, and shelf-stable foods more appealing to consumers. Read more



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