Eating Cheese Prevents Migraines


New research investigating the causal factors associated with migraines was published in February 2024 by academics at Jazan University in Saudi Arabia found that Cheese intake was associated with a lower risk of migraine development.

Cheese was one of the dietory factors investigated. The results were derived from research conducted in the UK and in Finland. The UKB cohort consisted of 462,933 participants, among whom there were approximately 14,000 migraine cases. The FinnGen sample comprised 218,792 participants, with approximately 19,676 reporting migraine patients.

The paper concludes:

“This study implies a connection between maternal smoking and a heightened risk of migraines, whereas cheese intake, salad intake, coffee consumption, BMI, and physical activity are associated with a lower risk of migraine development.”

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Causal Associations of Modifiable Risk Factors With Migraine: Evidence From Mendelian Randomization Analysis

Mohammad A. Jareebi • Donald M. Lyall • Nawaf F. Gharawi • Mohammed O. Shami • Najwa Dahas • Rashed F. Alfaifi • Alalaa Hakami • Mohammad A. Darraj • Faris A. Hakami • Mohammed H. Hakami • Hassan M. Almalki • Zaher T. Hakami • Abdulrahman Alessa • Abdullah A. Alhazmi




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