Dairy and Food Industry Predictions for 2024: How to leverage AI


A recurring theme in the predictions for 2024 is the importance of leveraging AI. It has the potential to creatively automate processes. It is very likely that in 2024 we will see its use increase massively. It will become more and more commonly used in social media and online to generate content as well as increasing automation in more traditional dairy industry settings

In the context of the dairy industry this paper, Examples and opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) in dairy farms* By Albert De Vries, Nikolay Bliznyuk and Pablo Pinedo concludes that “Artificial intelligence, made possible with advances in hardware and software, will make intelligent use of new big data a reality and will change the dairy sector by enabling improved work environments and removing or minimizing the need for manual human processing of repetitive tasks. A hurdle for development and application of some AI is the problem that various dairy data often exist in silos that are not connected.”

Forbes looked at the uses of AI in factories in this article, which predicts the following five main uses:

  1. Cobots – robots which work alongside humans safely while augmenting our abilities with their own, performing complex tasks including quality control.
  2. AI in Additive Manufacturing – This is where products are made using 3D printing by layering perhaps more relevant to a footware manufacturer than a food business, it may find a role developing.
  3. Generative Design – Where we ask AI to create new product ideas.
  4. Predictive Maintenance – Where AI can predict when servicing needs to occur or when something may fail
  5. The Lights-Out Factory – Where humans are not needed in the manufacturing process at all.

In the food service industry we can also predict more and more use of AI. Already many online chatbots are powered by AI. This foodbank article suggests that we should see it as an opportunity not a threat. “Artificial brains can accurately create enormous food databases, analyze them, ask questions, and get answers.” AI can build menus and create recipes. It can create and tailor unique nutritional plans according to precise health needs.




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