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Recent research conducted by Deloitte shows some interesting trends that have developed over the past year. We take a look at what their findings were.

The research found generally positive signs that the collective anxiety of the past year is lifting. Consumers are feeling safer and more confident about eating out, going to hotels and restaurants.

Consumers health concerns are still overshadowing their financial concerns. There is a growing confidence in people’s sense of safety doing ordinary things like shopping and even a slight improvement in their sense of safety in terms of less ordinary activities like travel. But there is a variation according to the country, China is closest to a full recovery in consumers confidence in their safety.

The Deloitte state of the consumer tracker is a very useful tool to look at the situation in individual countries and for different industries. We take a look at a few territories below.

In terms of food service – at the end of March 2021 in the UK 36% of consumers feel safe eating in restaurants, whilst in Ireland and Germany that figure is 34% and in France it is 44%. In China, the closest to complete recovery, that figure is at 47%.

The figures for consumers feeling of safety when shopping are Ireland 63%, the UK 56%, China 68%, France 62% and Germany 44%.

For Staying in hotels the feeling of safety is UK 35%, Ireland 37%, France 50%, Germany 35% and China 54%.

To read the full research see: State of the Consumer Tracker

For analysis see:

This is the results for all consumers in all countries that were in the research:

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