Cheese on Tour: Yellow Road Cheese in the Bahamas

We might not be able to travel there ourselves at the moment, but our delicious Yellow Road Cheese is in the Bahamas. These are some photographs of our cheese in the Bahamas.

Great Cheese that Travels

Yellow Road cheese is no stranger to distant destinations and we have exported it all over the world, but never before to the Bahamas. Past destinations for exports of Yellow road include Dubai, Hong Kong, South America and every country in Europe.

Wondering why our cheese is called Yellow Road? Ingredient Solutions Ltd are based in a facility in the village of Boherbue (pronounced Boa – Bwee) in the heart of the dairy producing region of North Cork. Boherbue in Irish is An Bóthar Buí, The Yellow Road. There are several suggestions as to why the village was given this name, was it due to the vibrant yellow gorse bushes? the colour of the soil? Or was it due to the fantastic cheese and butter produced in the area? You can guess which one we think it is.

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