Cheese Odyssey Tours for Cheese Lovers and “All You Can Eat” Cheese Parties

cheddar cheese tours cheese odyssey

cheddar cheese tours cheese odysseyMany people are passionate about cheese, some like it smelly, some like it with holes, many people are crazy about cheddar. It’s such a part of people’s identity that it has become an obsession that not only tastes good, it brings people together, but things have moved on from the cheese and wine parties of the 1980s. Now it’s an important part of the growing food tourism industry.

The Cheddar Odyssey Tour

Another event for the cheese obsessed is the Cheddar Odyssey tour, set up by Cheese Journeys – a US-based company that takes members of the public on epic cheese holidays

The five-day Cheddar Odyssey tour, takes place twice a year with around 15 guests beginning the trip at Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, before heading to Somerset to stay at North Cadbury Court – a 16th-century country home owned by the Montgomery family, who are famous for making farmhouse cheddar. The Cheddar Odyssey tour includes a whole variety of cheese themed activities including a masterclass in “Cheese Portraiture” under the tutelage of artist Mike Geno as well as cheese cookery and photography classes, wine matching sessions and special dinners, attended by artisan cheesemakers.

Read more about the Cheddar Odyssey in the Telegraph

All you can eat Cheese Parties

All across the north of England all you can eat cheese parties are being organised by Homage2Fromage – they aim to help you discover new cheese, meet like-minded cheese fans and hear some of the amazing stories behind cheese and cheesemaking. Find out more about this event in this article in The Metro or visit the Homage2Fromage website.



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