Cheese may offset blood vessel damage caused by salt

salt damage offset by cheese

salt damage offset by cheeseResearch carried out in the University of Pennsylvania which indicated that damage caused by salt may be offset by a diet which contains cheese was published in August 2019.

The research was funded by the National Dairy Council and demonstrated that single-meal cheese consumption ameliorates acute, sodium-induced endothelial dysfunction.

The research team lead by Billie Alba found that adults consuming a high-sodium diet also experienced blood vessel dysfunction. however, the same adults did not experience that blood vessel dysfunction if they consumed four servings of cheese a day alongside the same high-sodium diet.

In an interview with Penn State News Billie Alba explained, “Consuming high amounts of sodium causes an increase in molecules that are harmful to blood vessel health and overall heart health… There is scientific evidence that dairy-based nutrients, specifically peptides generated during the digestion of dairy proteins, have beneficial antioxidant properties, meaning that they have the ability to scavenge these oxidant molecules and thereby protect against their damaging physiological effects.”

  • The original research can be downloaded from by clicking here.
  • A more indepth article about the research on the Penn State News Website can be viewed by clicking here.


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