Cheese Market Fragmentation to Continue, Boosting Brand Opportunities


Cheese sales in Ireland are poised to remain highly fragmented and spread among numerous producers. The absence of a dominant leader allows for diversity. Irish consumers have positive perceptions of branded cheese, which is attributed to marketing efforts and awareness campaigns favoring branded over private label products. Leading brands are expected to gain market share, displacing private labels and smaller brands. This shift is likely to foster a more competitive landscape, offering a broader array of products to suit diverse consumer preferences.

Major Players Drive New Cheese Consumption Trends

In response to increasing demand for meat alternatives, there are new vegetarian products being launched, for example Groupe Lactalis’s Seriously Cheese Burgers, a vegetarian option made with Scottish cheddar and mozzarella. Similar products targeting consumer demand for indulgent, meat-free options are predicted to increase in popularity. Take note of similar new meat-free products with cheese that in 2024.

Home Cooking Trend Spurs Cheese Sales

Home-cooking using fresh ingredients, a trend accentuated by the pandemic, continues its growth. Preparing meals from scratch encourages consumer experimentation with ingredients and exploration of new cheese varieties. Economic recovery in Ireland is predicted to continue and increased affluence will prompt consumers to explore more diverse flavors. There is an opportunity for Irish cheese companies to innovate to meet evolving preferences. Producers and retailers stand to benefit by offering a wider range of cheese options, focusing on unique flavors, textures, and pairings to appeal to culinary enthusiasts.

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