Cheese is the most popular burger topping

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brger toppingsIt’s national burger day in the UK so we had a look at some cheesy burger research and, as we thought, cheese is consistently the favourite burger topping. There’s been several polls all in agreement at the collective love of cheese on burgers.

In 2015 a YouGov / huffington post poll in the US found that 86% of respondents like cheese burgers and 71% of respondents actually prefered cheese burgers.

The burger topping research from 2017 displayed on the right shows that again cheese is the favourite topping with 64% of respondents declaring cheese to be their favourite burger topping.

In July 2018 YouGov / M&S research found that cheese was the favourite topping:

“Looking at toppings, cheese topped the list with 54% of respondents citing it as essential for a home cooked burger, followed by onion, at 47%, lettuce, at 35%, tomato, at 30%, bacon, at 30% and gherkin, at 16%. One in 25 of respondents also said they opted for avocado, with one in ten Londoners choosing it as their favourite topper.”

View detailed results from the 2015 poll in the US here:

More information about the M&S research can be viewed here:

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