Cheese in Souffle Leads to Controversy


souffleMarc Veyrat of La Maison des Bois has requested to be removed from the Michelin Guide following a row over the cheese that was used in his Souffle.

“They dared to say that we put cheddar in our souffle of reblochon, beaufort and tomme! They have insulted our region; my employees were furious,” Veyrat said, according to Le Monde.

However the Michelin guide has refused to remove the restaurant from the guide. Gwendal Poullennec, Michelin’s international chief, said, “If the establishment remains open and our inspectors mark its food as worthy of one of our distinctions we will continue to recommend it,” he said.

According to the Guardian, despite Veyrat’s anger at being accused of using cheddar, no mention is made in the guide of the variety of cheese used in the souffle.

The case was heard in December 2019 and Mr Veyrat lost the case.


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