Alternatives to shared cheeseboards: ideas for jarcuterie and charcuterie cups

Cheese is a must at any event, but shared cheese platters and cheeseboards have become more difficult in recent times. Alternatives to the traditional cheeseboard are needed. The new trend that has emerged is for Jarcuterie, Charcuterie Cups and Mini Cheese Plates. They can look incredible and there are some wonderful ideas as to how to do a personalised curated cheese platter surfacing on the internet. Check out some of our favourites in this inspiration gallery. All the creators are linked in the image captions if you want to see more of their work.

The first thing that you need to decide is what to use to present your individual portions. Some ideas include jars, paper cones, small plates, cups, plastic glasses or wine glasses. If you can find containers that are all identical it can make a stunning focal point for your festivities. To achieve a Jarcuterie selection you need to source lots of identical jars.

The cheeses and meats that you use need to be well presented, sticks can be attractive and help people to eat the delicious foods. You can use herbs, edible flowers, fruit and nuts to decorate them. Gherkins and olives are also a welcome addition to a cheese plate. Remember to use sticks to give your cups more height. Salami can transform into roses. Ham can be folded into an accordian or rolled into a stick. Cheese can become a daisy, it can be stacked or displayed on sticks.

They can be made bright and cheery with lots of fruit or use sophisticated pastel shades.

Don’t forget to add breadsticks and crackers to give your guests more texture and flavours.

Plates and cups can be decorated with a handwritten greeting or a sticker. Use ribbon or twine to add more colour or to tie on herbs.

In some settings, you may wish to wrap them with plastic wrap or use a lidded container for hygiene.

With just a little bit of effort and imagination your individual cheese portions will look incredible.


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