A daily dose of cheese and wine can help prevent cognitive decline

cheese and red wine can prevent cognitive decline

cheese and red wine can prevent cognitive declineSeveral studies have found that including cheese and red wine in the diet on a daily basis can help to decrease the chances of cognitive decline and Alzeimers Disease.

Genetic Factors of Alzheimer’s Disease Modulate How Diet is Associated with Long-term Cognitive Trajectories – A UK Biobank Study was pubished in 2019. It observed how the total diet is associated with long-term cognition among mid- to – late-life populations at-risk and not-at-risk for Alzeimers Disease.

The study involved 1,787 mid-to-late-aged adult UK Biobank participants over a ten year period based on the self-reported intake of 49 whole foods from a Food Frequency Questionnaire.

Participants completed the Fluid Intelligence Test (FIT) as part of a touchscreen questionnaire at baseline and two follow-up assessments (2006–2010, 2012–2013, and 2015–2016). The FIT score was quantified by how many numeric, logic, and syntactic questions (out of 13 total questions) that participants were able to answer correctly within two minutes.

Correlations were drawn between these two sets of data.

The study found that daily cheese intake strongly predicted better FIT scores over time. Alcohol of any type daily also appeared beneficial and red wine was sometimes additionally protective. Consuming lamb weekly was also associated with improved outcomes. Among at risk groups, added salt correlated with decreased performance.



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