Unusual Ways to Use Cheese

Cheese is a food that people get passionate about and there are lots of unusual ways to use cheese. Of course it has uses that we are all aware of – cheese is the most popular addition to a burger bun, it’s in Ireland’s favourite sandwich, it’s a pizza and pasta essential. Cheese is so well loved that it gets used in a whole variety of interesting ways beyond what we might think. Here’s some that we have seen in the media recently.

Cheese Tea has been growing in popularity in the far east, we wonder if it’s going to take europe and the USA by storm too.

Marks and Spencers announced the launch of a chilli and cheese hot cross bun in 2020, it will appeal to those with a more savoury tooth. This was followed by a range of cheese Easter Eggs. The six mini eggs are made with Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage Red Leicester “yolk” and are covered in a duck egg blue wax shell.

Cheese wedding cakes have become very trendy in recent years for couples who prefer to finish their celebration with cheese rather than a fruit cake.

For those who like interesting combinations – try cheese and chocolate. Food and Wine magazine suggest that if you haven’t added Camembert to your drinking chocolate yet, you’re missing out.

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