The demand for Mozzarella keeps increasing

mozzarella cheese suppliers

The demand for Mozzarella keeps increasing as the global appetite for pizza especially shows no sign of slowing down. Even large manufacturers in Europe are finding it difficult to sustain the global demand so there are plans in place from some of the major players to increase their capacity. Glanbia’s proposed new Mozzarella plant for Portlaoise in the Irish midlands received a major boost in March as an objection to the new plant was withdrawn. Glanbia is Europe’s leading Mozzarella manufacturer and the new plant will have a capacity of 45,000 tons per year once opened. This will add significant volume for the biggest producer in Europe and will be a big boost to sustaining demand. Glanbia hope to open the plant in 2020.

mozzarella cheese suppliersAnother big move in the Mozzarella market was announced by another major Irish producer Carbery who have also announced plans for expanding their current plant in Cork. There are looking to invest up to €80m to facilitate Mozzarella production. Carbery are a major supplier of Cheddar to the UK so with Brexit looming this is a move to diversify away from the UK market and expand into Europe and further afield. There will be extra capacity to process up to 4 million litres of milk per day and the scale of this operation should also be able to alleviate some of the pressure on Mozzarella supply. Carbery already have significant presence across the global market with their famous Dubliner brand sold all over the world. It will be interesting to see how their entry into the competitive Mozzarella market will fare and if it will help tip the scales of the supply-demand dynamic.

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