Potential EU / US Tarriffs

There have been some rumblings between the US & EU regarding potential tariffs on European dairy. This is in part retaliation from the US against subsidies paid from the EU to French aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The much loved cheese products in the firing line from the US includes Stilton, Roquefort, Gouda and Edam.

The USTR (US Trade Representative) has estimated the EU subsidies figure at a whopping $11bn! The European Commission are not taking this ruling lying down and are challenging the figures presented by the US. The WTO (World Trade Organisation) are also analysing the figures and the ruling is subject to arbitration. The potential tariffs on European cheese could be as much as 100%. Of course European dairy is not the first foreign trade sector to be targeted by the US. However if these tariffs come into place many observers believe US consumers will choose alternative options as they will not be able to afford EU cheese products.

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