Irish Milk Prices

The major Irish dairies have maintained their milk price for December using November milk but in a sign of the changing landscape they have warned that market conditions are expected to change significantly in 2023.

Tirlan, Kerry, Dairygold and Lakeland all maintained their price which varies from 56-58c/l mark. Lakeland have also maintained their price of 47.5p/l for their NI suppliers. However a spokesman for Lakeland warned their milk suppliers of the challenges that lie ahead with the following quote ‘Milk supply has increased in large milk production regions across the world and global dairy markets have weakened considerably as a result. Higher inflation and interest rates have reduced consumer buying power and sentiment remains unchallenged’. This sentiment is now the general theme of the market and Tirlan Chair John Murphy also stated that the current returns dairies are getting for product in the market are below the current milk price.

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