International study carried out by McMaster University in Canada

dairy health

dairy health

Good news for dairy lovers everywhere as a huge international study carried out by McMaster University in Canada suggested that eating three portions of dairy a day could cut the risk of early death by one quarter.

The study was was carried out on 220,000 adults and the results look very good for the dairy sector which has had to battle of years of negative press. The study found there was as much as 25% lower chance of early death from someone who eats three portions of dairy a day compared to people who consume lower. The saturated fat found in dairy was actually found to protect the heart.

This will hopefully help to reverse the negative press on dairy and people can start enjoying their cheese, butter and yoghurts again guilt free! This should prove a timely boost for the dairy sector with the current appetite in the market for healthier diets. It follows the recent trend of natural products such as butter being favoured over alternatives such as margarine.

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