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Ingredient Solutions Ltd is a quality, BRC accredited, cheese supplier, providing innovative cheese ingredients to the food industry and exporting products to over 30 countries. We are established as the premier supplier to many leading food companies in Ireland, the UK & Europe and our cheese ingredients are in products that appear on the shelves of nine out of every ten stores in the UK and Ireland.

Research published 28th September 2020 in the BMJ suggests that eating dairy products can lower the risk of bowel cancer by almost 20%.

dairy products

The coronavirus pandemic has shown the food industry new innovations and technologies that might benefit them in their recovery and in living with Covid-19 in the coming months.

At the online World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, and Musculoskeletal Diseases in August researchers showed how dairy products are beneficial to the health and development of bones and muscles.

We have collected together a wide variety of analyses and predictions to share with our fellow industry professionals. This selection is looking at predictions for the food service industry.

In this article we look at the changing food habits and demands of consumers and how businesses can adjust to the “new normal”.

consumer habits

We continue our series of posts looking at the predictions for the food industry in the shadow of Covid-19. We have gathered a series of articles and reports that examine the future of packaged foods and how consumer demand changes which were brought by the crisis

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In our series of posts which look at the predictions and trends being formulated in the current era of Covid-19 we look at the international picture.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge shift in the market and analysts are still crunching the data to predict future trends. These are some of the recent analyses.

With many businesses reopening there is uncertainty as to the long term impact that Covid-19 will have on the food trade. This Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board) Report examines the predictions and emerging trends.

bord bia report

Vulnerability of the food supply chain and how to assess known and unknown risks is one of the hottest topics in the international food industry.

risk assessment

In this, the second of our series of items about how to avoid Supply Chain Disruption we have two more detailed whitepapers to share with you. The first is by BSI and the second is a paper put together by Deloitte.

These are the first of a number of posts linking to whitepapers. We will be publishing more over the coming weeks and gathering together a large number of white papers on the future of food and the legacy left in the wake of Covid19.

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Cork scientists working in collaboration with Italian scientists have conducted a study into how much beneficial LAB probiotic bacteria we have in our guts and discovered that most were found in individuals who consumed cheese and yoghurt regularly.

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Take part in our business poll and discover the key trends in this unprecedented era.

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We are currently offering a free trial for wholesalers who wish to test this great new product’s appeal to their customers.

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Every step has been taken to protect our family of employees whilst producing the best quality ingredients for our diverse base of customers in this unprecedented time.

covid mitigation plan

New Irish research has shown Vitamin D to be vital in fighting respiratory infection. We look at that new research and other studies which indicate that including cheese in the diet may help our bodies to combat Covid-19.

As the world responds to the Covid19 crisis, we look at the effects on the food industry and our own business.

Have you heard of the In Flight Cheese Plate Challenge on Instagram?

Eating cheese was found to lower risk of stroke

It’s a busy day for dairy market news so let’s have a look at some of the stories making headlines.

Congratulations to Bernie Ahern who achieved the Irish Exporters Association (IEA) Certificate in International Trade this week.

As we move into a new decade we look at some of the worldwide dairy market indicators. Can the period of stability remain or will we see greater price fluctuation?

A cheeseboard after a meal is a delicious way to finish a meal and it is also very good for your teeth. It is a great alternative to carbs and also acts preventatively against cavities. So why is cheese so great for your teeth?

Researchers at Kobe University in Japan have discovered that that LH dipeptide, a constituent of blue cheese may be beneficial for mental health.

blue cheese and mental health

2019 has been an eventful year at Ingredient Solutions Ltd and it was great to celebrate it at our Christmas party. We are looking forward to further success in 2020.

With Christmas fast approaching the risk of hangovers is increasing so you’ll be delighted to learn that new research has pointed to a natural effective cure.

hangover cures

Cheese Tea, or naigai cha, has taken Asia by storm and we wonder could it become the next big thing in European cafés?

cheese tea

Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, conducted conducted extensive consumer research in cheddar cheese buying habits. This is a summary of the findings.

consumer research cheddar

Activity has been relatively quiet regarding dairy pricing throughout the summer months with butter the only commodity to show major movement.

dairy market report

Research carried out in the University of Pennsylvania indicated that damage caused by salt may be offset by a diet which contains cheese

salt damage offset by cheese

Mukbang is a new viral trend in social media and involves people shooting and posting videos of themselves eating.

There have been a couple of articles ranking the healthiness of different cheeses over the past week this is a summary of them.

It’s national burger day in the UK so we had a look at some cheesy burger research and, as we thought, cheese is consistently the favourite burger topping.

brger toppings

“Cheeeseboarding” has become Instagram’s latest artistic trend – vote for your favourite here


A recent analysis of the Australian cheese consumer may offer insight to consumers in other markets. It shows that grated/shredded and sliced cheese are driving growth.

grated cheese

Marc Veyrat of La Maison des Bois has requested to be removed from the Michelin Guide following a row over the cheese that was used in his Souffle.


New research showed that eating a diet rich in dairy products reduced the blood pressure of overweight middle-aged men and women.

dairy products

Welcome everyone to our latest market update and as we enter the peak summer months it is fair to say we have entered a period of stability in the dairy industry.


Cheese ingredients were contained in most of the top dishes in research conducted by Gousto into instagram’s favourite foods.

instagram's favourite foods

Eating dairy products, especially cheese and yogurt, was found to protect against premature death from any cause, according to researchers.

cheese health video

Italian researchers conducted a trial on 30 hypertensive adults over a 2 month period. They concluded that Grana Padano Cheese may lower blood pressure

grana padano cheese

Cheese has been part of the human diet for milenia, but new research shows that it was not only a food for the wealthy.

After 9 hours of walking the streets of London the Penzance Pasty Posse arrived at the finish – exhausted but triumphant!

Team Pasty Posse - the moonwalk

Cheese brings people together, but things have moved on from the cheese and wine parties of the 1980s. Now it’s an important part of the growing food tourism industry.

cheddar cheese tours cheese odyssey

Research into adaptive divergence of fungi has revealed the genetic history of blue cheese and found it to differ from the popular belief that it was caused by fungi in caves.

blue cheese microfoilia

Cheese allergies are most prevalent in ripened cheeses and the researchers looked closely at the microbial communities that develop in the cheese rinds.

cheese prices in 2018

This Bord Bia presentation highlights the challenges faced by frozen food manufacturers to break down preconceptions about frozen foods.

frozen food

Despite the growth of the vegetarian and vegan food sector – 14% of Brits consider themselves “flexitarians”: while they consume meat occasionally, their diet is mainly meat free. This is twice as many as pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans combined. YouGov’s latest white paper “Is the future of food flexitarian?” looks at how cooking habits and […]

is the future of food flexitarian

A recent University of Alberta study shows that contrary to associations people make with high fat content, cheese may help to control blood sugar levels.

cheese supplier

The study was published on 28th March 2019 and is part of a consumer marketing campaign being conducted by AHDB with Dairy UK, and looked at people’s responses to different food options.

eating pizza

International research published in October 2018 found that moderate consumption of cheese and other dairy products may help to protect against type 2 diabetes.

Cow - dairy foods may protect against type 2 diabetes

Cheese In Surround Sound – An experiment that has taken place in Switzerland. The results have been published after 6 months of exposure to a variety of sounds and styles of music.

A recent youGov poll revealed that on a classic four-sided box grater, the vast majority, 84 per cent of Britons use the side with the medium raindrop-shaped holes – in precise culinary terms this isn’t actually considered grating, but shredding.

The aim of this research was to examine cheese consumption in Irish adults and to determine its association with healthy eating, consumption of other foods and food choice attitudes. Analysis of food choice attitudes, sociodemographic information and consumption patterns was completed using the data from the National Adult Nutrition Survey Teagasc is the Agriculture and […]

It has been another drama filled period in the dairy industry. Thankfully we seem to have got over the worst 2018 threw at us but who knows how 2019 will play out?

Our market report looks at butter and mozzarella prices as well as Brexit and the effect of the summer heatwave.

dairy market report q3 2018

Our 2 minute customer satisfaction survey 2018 is now closed

Here’s hoping 2018 is a more stable year of trading for farmers, processors, suppliers & customers in the dairy industry alike.

Winter is upon us again and usually this means potential price volatility with the end of the milk production season. However there is general optimism that we have reached a pricing peak for dairy and we are soon set to see significant easing over the next few months. This is well needed as it has […]

 In our last market update we reported of prices easing and a period of relative stability in the dairy industry. Wishful thinking! All the usual logic that says the start of milk production should bring lower prices has gone swiftly out of the window due to an unprecedented shortage of butter. This is due to […]

As we look ahead to the summer months there are signs of relative stability in the dairy industry which has calmed fears of long term turbulence. The milk production season has started strongly due to favourable weather conditions. This has significantly boosted stock levels and prices have eased from the very high levels witnessed in […]

Dairy Market Report Q1 2017 Happy new year to everyone and let’s hope 2017 does not contain half the drama of the previous year! It is fair to say everyone was caught off guard with the level of pricing turbulence in the latter half of 2016. Such a sharp jump in prices over a short […]

Dairy Market Report Q4 2016   Where to start? While it is a great relief to many in the industry that we have finally seen a long awaited price recovery, nobody foresaw the events we have witnessed in the last 4 months. It is fair to say that the severe lack of supply and extreme […]

Dairy Market Update Q3 2016   As we move into the summer it is time to finally announce a long waited price recovery in the dairy industry. Significant upwards movement has been witnessed in recent GDT auctions in the last few weeks with many predicting this may be the common trend over the summer months. […]

Dairy Market Report Q1 2016 As we enter into a new year it is perhaps best to start with a look back at 2015 and the conditions which have created the current supply heavy situation. There were continuous drops in price throughout 2015 yet again which has forced the milk prices across the globe to […]

Dairy Market Update Q4 2015 It was yet another strong production season in Europe and prices eased further downwards again over the summer in what is now becoming a familiar pattern. The UK especially enjoyed a bumper season with cumulative production from April to August at 3687m litres. This is 131m litres higher than the […]

Dairy Market Quarter 3 Report                       The 2nd quarter of 2015 was fundamental for the dairy industry as the EU quotas on dairy supply were finally lifted in April. As a result huge opportunities have been opened up for European nations who felt they were not fully able to maximise their potential. […]

As we move into a New Year filled with uncertainty over pricing I think it is best to start this report with a reflection of last year’s dramatic change of landscape in the dairy industry. This time last year milk prices were at record levels due to the market still being short of stock supply […]

  After the historic high prices of 2013, we have now witnessed prices recover to a near familiar level. Prices have been falling consistently since the Spring with the Fonterra GDT auction experiencing a fall of around 40% in 2014. This was to be expected as New Zealand enjoyed a strong production season and Europe […]

Dairy Market Update Q2 2014 Finally it looks like time to be optimistic after what was the most volatile period in the dairy industry in living memory. After nearly 2 years we are now at long last starting to see signs of recovery in terms of pricing on pretty much all dairy products. Milk production […]

  After one of the most turbulent years in recent memory for the dairy industry there is much hope that prices will begin to ease downwards in the first half of 2014. However there is still much reason for caution as we are most certainly not witnessing the easing of prices just yet. The clearest […]

Market Report Q4 2013 Yet again we are seeing increased inflation in the dairy industry and unfortunately it shows no sign of easing as we look cautiously ahead to the winter. We are still feeling the effects of the atrocious weather conditions of the majority of 2012 and Q1 2013. Stocks are still low and […]

INGREDIENT SOLUTIONS MARKET REPORT – Q3, 2013   The year to date has been challenging to say the least, with winter extending to summer and spring just not happening at all.  This coming on top of a very poor summer last year has all added up to a double whammy of higher input costs and […]

Market Report May 2013 The World is eating more cheese –it’s a no-brainer World cheese sales for the 52 weeks ending 30 September 2012, the latest full year’s data from Kantar Worldpanel Cheese show expenditure up by 6.7% to £2.7billion. The growth is made up in part by price increase, with the average price of […]

The Story of Last Year Weaker demand, wettest summer in recent history, first milk supply contraction in export regions since 2010. A slow recovery in international dairy prices that started in mid-July and continued through to Q4, but then ran out of steam by December.  Upward pressure was created in part by the first contraction […]

Well once again it is crystal ball time, predicting the unpredictable of the dairy market. There are very few sure fired facts about the food world today. Opinions there are a plenty, but in truth we have not been in such uncharted waters for decades. Looking through the glass, albeit darkly, a few facts can […]

Dairy commodity prices have been falling for the last two months and are starting to bottom out. All the dairies have built in the drop in milk price for May which will be between 3 and 4 cents a litre in Ireland; this is on top of the 2 cents drop in April. As you […]

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Reading about Domenico Crolla’s $4,200 “Pizza Royale 007″ in The Most Expensive Journal , a resource dedicated to showcasing the costliest consumer items confirms our worst fears that something strange is happening to food prices. Sure the 12 inch pizza pie is liberally endowed with expensive ingredients, such as lobster marinated in cognac, caviar soaked […]

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Well it’s that time again, when we try to give you some guidance on the Cheese and Butter Markets. First it’s worth having a look a food price trends in general and see what the big picture reveals. UK Food Prices History, Henry Ford is reputed to have said, history is bunk. What he actually […]

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