Cheese – Uses and Users

Ingredient Solutions offers a one-stop-shop for the cheese requirements of food manufacturing, food service, catering and wholesale sectors.

Cheese – Uses and Users

Food processing, the cornerstone of the activity of both food manufacturers and food service firms is a centuries old activity. Early Egyptians brewed beer, baked leavened bread, and the ancient Greeks produced a foretaste of cured ham and bacon out of salted pork.

Cheese has been part of the human diet for millenia, but new research shows that it was not only a food for the wealthy. It has been discovered that peasants in medieval England ate a diet predominantly consisting of meat stew and cheese. The benefits of food processing accrue to both business that can develop a profitable enterprise and consumers who get a greater variety of safer and more convenient foods – nearly 20,000 new food products are trialled each year – and supplied at a competitive price.

Unusual ways to use cheese
Mac and Cheese Recipes

Consumers clearly like buying their food in this way. In the US and UK nearly 60% of consumer spending on food and groceries is made in restaurants, cafes and other food service categories. That’s over $150 billion in the US and £90 billion in the UK. The total West European Ready Meals Market is currently worth over €50 billion and the total market (all Ready Meals including frozen pizza, frozen ready meals, chilled ready meals and sandwiches) is forecast to grow at an average annual rate of over 3% by volume during the next five years. Over the last five years the total amount spent on chilled ready meals and main meal accompaniments in the United Kingdom rose by 50%.


l-cheese-in-a-factoryIngredient Solutions offers a one-stop-shop for the food manufacturing, food service, catering and wholesale sectors. We develop and format products to meet your precise requirements and use our cheese expertise and technical skill to get you the product solution you need at the price point that will keep you competitive. We supply quality cheese products, grated, diced, crumbed, sliced, shredded using all the traditional cheeses as well as bespoke blends.

We cover the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland and supply our customers throughout the whole of Europe and the Middle East.

Innovation is central to the value we provide to our many customers around the world. We have a strong relationship with our customer providing unique customised cheese solutions for their needs. We routinely offer tasting days showcasing cheeses to our customers working with them both in our facilities and theirs to develop and launch around 120 new food products each year.


Uses of our cheese

Over the past few years, according to research by Mintel, people have been trying to save money on food by dining out less.  More people cook at home now, but they still want healthy, convenient, tasty food and drink for their Euro/Pound.  As consumers spend less and stay in more, the ready meals food market is undoubtedly benefitting.   Our cheese goes into hundreds of everyday products that are eaten by tens of thousands of consumers every week.

The most popular products which use our cheese include:

users and uses pizza burgers sandwiches users and uses pasta salads savoury bakery

Users of our cheese

Products using our cheese are on virtually every supermarket shelf in the United Kingdom and Ireland; in a fast food outlet in every major town and city throughout Europe; at 30,000 feet and upwards on several major international airlines; on cruise liners, trains, sandwich bars, pubs, hotels, restaurants, schools and delivered in ‘meals on wheels’ format to tens of thousands of homes.
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