We are officially at the halfway point of the year and H1 2023 has brought some relative calm after the countless storms we had to navigate over the last few years.


2022 is another year that will certainly go down in the history books for the dairy industry. Prices started to rise in mid- 2020 after the first covid lockdown and kept rising until they reached a record high level in Q2 2022.

A look at the current situation in the European Dairy industry and beyond

Where to start? It is fair to say the last year has been the most volatile period of dairy pricing in living memory – nothing compares to the dramatic rise of dairy prices over the last year and it doesn’t look like the trend will be reversed any time soon

Happy New Year to everyone – we hope you enjoyed some calm over the festive period after an extremely turbulent year. 2020 is certainly a year that will be remembered for generations

As we move into a new decade we look at some of the worldwide dairy market indicators. Can the period of stability remain or will we see greater price fluctuation?

Activity has been relatively quiet regarding dairy pricing throughout the summer months with butter the only commodity to show major movement.

dairy market report

Welcome everyone to our latest market update and as we enter the peak summer months it is fair to say we have entered a period of stability in the dairy industry.


It has been another drama filled period in the dairy industry. Thankfully we seem to have got over the worst 2018 threw at us but who knows how 2019 will play out?

Our market report looks at butter and mozzarella prices as well as Brexit and the effect of the summer heatwave.

dairy market report q3 2018

Here’s hoping 2018 is a more stable year of trading for farmers, processors, suppliers & customers in the dairy industry alike.

Winter is upon us again and usually this means potential price volatility with the end of the milk production season. However there is general optimism that we have reached a pricing peak for dairy and we are soon set to see significant easing over the next few months. This is well needed as it has […]

 In our last market update we reported of prices easing and a period of relative stability in the dairy industry. Wishful thinking! All the usual logic that says the start of milk production should bring lower prices has gone swiftly out of the window due to an unprecedented shortage of butter. This is due to […]

As we look ahead to the summer months there are signs of relative stability in the dairy industry which has calmed fears of long term turbulence. The milk production season has started strongly due to favourable weather conditions. This has significantly boosted stock levels and prices have eased from the very high levels witnessed in […]

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Dairy Market Report Q4 2016   Where to start? While it is a great relief to many in the industry that we have finally seen a long awaited price recovery, nobody foresaw the events we have witnessed in the last 4 months. It is fair to say that the severe lack of supply and extreme […]

Dairy Market Update Q3 2016   As we move into the summer it is time to finally announce a long waited price recovery in the dairy industry. Significant upwards movement has been witnessed in recent GDT auctions in the last few weeks with many predicting this may be the common trend over the summer months. […]

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INGREDIENT SOLUTIONS MARKET REPORT – Q3, 2013   The year to date has been challenging to say the least, with winter extending to summer and spring just not happening at all.  This coming on top of a very poor summer last year has all added up to a double whammy of higher input costs and […]

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