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What will the food industry have to look forward to in 2024? How to make sure your business stays ahead of the trends? In this article there is a quick look at a selection of articles with predictions and trends for 2024.

A recurring theme in the predictions for 2024 is the importance of leveraging AI. It has the potential to creatively automate processes. It is very likely that in 2024 we will see its use increase massively.


An umbrella review intended to provide a systematic and comprehensive overview of current evidence from prospective studies on the diverse health effects of cheese consumption, concluded that: “Cheese consumption was inversely associated with all-cause mortality”. That means that there is a relationship between eating cheese and the risk of death from any cause, and this […]

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It has been a relatively stable year for dairy pricing if we compare to the manic last few years. However, there are various political headwinds


The market has been relatively quiet over Q3 and a lot of buyers seem to have covered their requirements at keen pricing when the market was at a low ebb. Milk production levels have also been stable but there certainly was a drop in volumes over September and October which showed early signs that the […]

There is concern within the Irish dairy industry as the EU announced a cut on Ireland’s derogation on application of nitrogen per hectare from 250kg to 220kg. This may sound like a bit of a mouthful so we’ll translate to simple layman terms. Some Irish farmers currently qualify for the nitrogen derogation permit granted by […]


Conflict has broken out depressingly yet again in the Israel/Palestine region. The region has been in constant turmoil since 1947 and events have escalated again significantly since the start of October with over 10,000 civilians killed mainly in Gaza. The current conflict shows no immediate end in sight as Israeli troops have now started their […]


Those who regularly ate cheese scored better in cognitive tests and have a lower risk of dementia


A new Italian study shows why cheese made from milk from cows who feed from pastures in the summer is superior using a technique called “metagenomics”.


We are officially at the halfway point of the year and H1 2023 has brought some relative calm after the countless storms we had to navigate over the last few years.


Mozzarella is the best indicator on how cheese prices are moving as it’s the only truly global cheese.


While the market is relatively stable now, what isn’t as stable is the relationship between farmers and governments across Europe. The Netherlands is the world’s 2nd biggest exporter of dairy products by value and its dairy industry is a source of great national pride. However there have been major farmer protests since summer 2022 after […]

In further protest news closer to home there were demonstrations in June from farmers outside the Kerry Group plant in Charleville about the recent cuts to the milk price.


The rising costs of milk production have been further compounded by farm labour shortages and top European dairy producer Arla has warned of further price increases as a result.

In another sign of the times we live in it was announced in June that production of the famous Swiss cheese Gruyere will be cut by 10% over the next year. 

Gruyere Cheese

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Cancer treatments have been progressing well in recent years, but can be hindered by drug resistance in cancerous cells.


This study concludes that the concept of 3-D printing has made it possible to construct food products according to one’s personalized nutritional requirements.

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Bacteria from cheese was isolated and found to be effective at inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria associated with tooth decay.


The research showed that higher dairy intakes are linked with improved iodine status

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Origin Green is the worlds’ only national food and drink sustainability programme. This week Ingredient Solution joined this innovative initiative.


Mac and Cheese is just about everyone’s favourite comfort food and its popularity means there are many variations on this delicious recipe. The first modern recipe for macaroni and cheese was included in Elizabeth Raffald’s 1769 book, The Experienced English Housekeeper. However, Epicurius states “The earliest mention that we have of pasta and cheese being […]

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Our Christmas opening hours for Christmas 2022

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The company’s increased score derived from their performance environmentally.

Bord Bia published a whitepaper in June 2022 entitled “Irish Foodservice Forecasts and Outlook”. This is a brief look at what it contains.

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A look at the current situation in the European Dairy industry and beyond

The future outlook remains bleak for European milk supply unless the milk price paid to farmers is increased considerably by processors. Farmers are drowning under the weight of pressure caused by the sudden severity of the price increases for all of their input costs. Inflation was already rampant in the post Covid economy and the […]

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Prices have continued to move upwards since the start of the year. The European milk pool is shrinking at an unprecedented rate, with even strong performing countries last year, such as Ireland, starting to feel the pinch. Even though milk prices have risen significantly to reflect the increased costs farmers have been hit with, we […]

An interesting side effect of the dire situation in Europe is for the first time in living memory big European dairy traders from countries such as the Netherlands are looking towards the US for cheaper cheese imports. Prices in the US are much lower than Europe but the most popular cheese on the other side […]

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Ingredient Solutions recently announced a takeover by the Austrian dairy company Rupp. Rupp are Austria’s largest privately owned dairy company and are a key supplier to the retail and food manufacturing sectors throughout Europe. The takeover by Rupp will increase investment in the company and there are plans to build a brand new state of […]

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We all know the moon is made from cheese 🙂 and as we love cheese at Ingredient Solutions we have put together a selection of quiz questions with a lunar theme. This is a printable quiz with the answers at the bottom. There is a a bonus cheese question at the end!Hope you enjoy them. […]

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The management team from Ingredient Solutions really enjoyed meeting their colleagues at our new parent company and making plans for our future together.

The ripening cellars at Rupp AG

RUPP AG, headquartered in Hörbranz, announces the purchase of Ingredient Solutions Ltd

The Ingredient Solutions Management Team

Meet Ian Galletly. Ian is the Managing Director of Ingredient Solutions, guiding the company and keeping it on track to achieve an incredibly high level of service to our customers.

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Where to start? It is fair to say the last year has been the most volatile period of dairy pricing in living memory – nothing compares to the dramatic rise of dairy prices over the last year and it doesn’t look like the trend will be reversed any time soon

France and Germany are the two main milk producing countries of Europe accounting for 37% of the EU’s total output. Both countries had a very weak production year in 2021 with milk collections down 2-3%. According to the Farmers Journal ‘reports suggest very poor fodder quality in France and rising feed prices are putting the […]

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At the moment the European consumer is not seeing the full effects of the price increases but it is predicted that this will be passed on by retailers in Q2.

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Sustainability initiatives implemented by governments throughout Europe are also setting targets for farms to meet in order to cut down on emissions. The increasing threat of climate change is high on the agenda for governments to tackle due to the increased political pressure applied by a concerned public. According to a report by Globe News […]

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Another looming cloud on the horizon is the increasing tension at the Ukraine/Russia border. The threat of war hangs over the region and both countries also happen to be key exporters of grain and ammonium nitrate which is used in production of fertilisers. Ukraine and Russia account for 30% of the world’s wheat exports. The […]

Managing Director Ian Galletly and Sales Director Gary Davies were at Gulfood this week. Gulfood is the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition and takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Beer cheese originated in Kentucky in the 1940s and is traditionally a cheese spread made from either a processed cheese or a cheddar combined with beer for flavour and texture. It is enjoyed with crackers as an appetizer. It has seen growth in popularity in recent years.


A 2021 Danish study that looked at the impact of dairy foods on heart health found that including cheese in the diet did not impact on the health of the heart.

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Cheese is a must at any event, but shared cheese platters and cheeseboards have become more difficult in recent times. Jarcuterie, Charcuterie Cups and Mini Cheese Plates can look incredible. Check out some of our favourites in this inspiration gallery.

Several studies have found that including cheese and red wine in the diet in moderation can help to decrease the chances of cognitive decline and Alzeimers Disease.

cheese and red wine can prevent cognitive decline

These are some great cheese and wine pairings to enliven your tastebuds and impress your guests.

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We have been awarded the EcoVadis Platinum Medal for sustainability, putting us in the top one percent of businesses

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This month Bord Bia released their research on the future of frozen food in the UK. This is a brief summary of the findings.

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A Swedish study examining dairy intake and its effect on heart disease was published in September 2021.

In a new report published this week in the Nutrition Bulletin, dairy foods are shown to play an important role in a change to a healthier and environmentally sustainable diet for higher income economies

Here are a random selection of cheese questions and answers for your pub quiz or zoom quiz. Use the print button for a quick print friendly version complete with the answers for the quizmaster. You can reload this page to generate some more cheese questions and answers.

Our Sales Director Gary Davies is a big sports fan and so we introduce – Gary’s Sport Quiz Questions and Answers for your social events.

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The Siemens white paper, Cybersecurity in the dairy and soft drink industry, looks at international regulations and minimising risk for businesses. This is a brief summary of its content.


Manufacturers of foods which make claims regarding health benefits could find themselves subject to medical regulation. We take a look at a new Whitepaper by leatherhead research which examines this subject.


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We look at a recent white paper by Spoonshot that makes predictions for 2022.

Food and Drink quiz questions . These foodie quiz questions will be great for you social evenings, pub quiz or zoom quiz.

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Printable quiz questions and answers for pub quizzes, zoom quizzes or just to test your colleagues. Cheese plus more!

New dietary guidelines for the over 65s were published this month by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. Over 65s are the fastest growing age group in Ireland, having increased by 19% in the 2016 census to some 630,800 people (13.8% of total population). The 10 nutrients examined with a full set of recommendations are […]

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Recent research conducted by Deloitte shows some interesting trends that have developed over the past year. We take a look at what their findings were.

Happy New Year to everyone – we hope you enjoyed some calm over the festive period after an extremely turbulent year. 2020 is certainly a year that will be remembered for generations

The first bit of hope that 2021 provides us exporters to the UK is the confirmation of the long awaited Brexit deal!

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Cheese prices have remained firm so far in Q1 despite the wide-scale lockdown of Europe


We are already seeing signs of the effect of milk shortages with price increases being reported on most cheese products in February. Milk volumes are very weak on the continent with German and French processors reporting reduced intakes. The cold weather across Europe is hampering usual milk volumes. New Zealand are also exiting from their […]

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Kerry Group are reviewing their UK & Ireland dairy business after an 11.7% drop in profits in 2020

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Love Cheese? Win Cheese! Enter our Easter Cheesy Quiz Question Competition now.

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How and when businesses must substantiate sensory claims made in product marketing

An Irish study found that Irish people who eat a lot of cheese do not have higher cholesterol levels than those who don’t. The scientists also found that higher dairy intake was associated with lower body mass index

Blockchain is the digitisation of the supply chain to provide precise traceability. We look at this emerging technology.

We might not be able to travel there ourselves at the moment, but our delicious Yellow Road Cheese is in the Bahamas.

The study is a first-of-its-kind large scale analysis that connects specific foods to later-in-life cognitive acuity. Cheese, by far, was shown to be the most protective food against age-related cognitive problems, even late into life.

It is not mandatory under current or new legislation to provide an origin statement for most food products, but there are certain situations where that information must be provided.

A festive cheesecake is a great dessert that can be made ahead of time and will delight your guests or customers.

The team at Ingredient solutions were delighted to see our cheese “Approved” on James May’s official Facebook page

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Research published 28th September 2020 in the BMJ suggests that eating dairy products can lower the risk of bowel cancer by almost 20%.

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The coronavirus pandemic has shown the food industry new innovations and technologies that might benefit them in their recovery and in living with Covid-19 in the coming months.

At the online World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, and Musculoskeletal Diseases in August researchers showed how dairy products are beneficial to the health and development of bones and muscles.

We have collected together a wide variety of analyses and predictions to share with our fellow industry professionals. This selection is looking at predictions for the food service industry.

In this article we look at the changing food habits and demands of consumers and how businesses can adjust to the “new normal”.

consumer habits

We continue our series of posts looking at the predictions for the food industry in the shadow of Covid-19. We have gathered a series of articles and reports that examine the future of packaged foods and how consumer demand changes which were brought by the crisis

FSA read more

In our series of posts which look at the predictions and trends being formulated in the current era of Covid-19 we look at the international picture.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge shift in the market and analysts are still crunching the data to predict future trends. These are some of the recent analyses.

With many businesses reopening there is uncertainty as to the long term impact that Covid-19 will have on the food trade. This Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board) Report examines the predictions and emerging trends.

bord bia report

Vulnerability of the food supply chain and how to assess known and unknown risks is one of the hottest topics in the international food industry.

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In this, the second of our series of items about how to avoid Supply Chain Disruption we have two more detailed whitepapers to share with you. The first is by BSI and the second is a paper put together by Deloitte.

These are the first of a number of posts linking to whitepapers. We will be publishing more over the coming weeks and gathering together a large number of white papers on the future of food and the legacy left in the wake of Covid19.

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Cork scientists working in collaboration with Italian scientists have conducted a study into how much beneficial LAB probiotic bacteria we have in our guts and discovered that most were found in individuals who consumed cheese and yoghurt regularly.

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We are currently offering a free trial for wholesalers who wish to test this great new product’s appeal to their customers.

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Every step has been taken to protect our family of employees whilst producing the best quality ingredients for our diverse base of customers in this unprecedented time.

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