Dairy Market Report Q4 2016   Where to start? While it is a great relief to many in the industry that we have finally seen a long awaited price recovery, nobody foresaw the events we have witnessed in the last 4 months. It is fair to say that the severe lack of supply and extreme […]

Dairy Market Update Q3 2016   As we move into the summer it is time to finally announce a long waited price recovery in the dairy industry. Significant upwards movement has been witnessed in recent GDT auctions in the last few weeks with many predicting this may be the common trend over the summer months. […]

Dairy Market Report Q1 2016 As we enter into a new year it is perhaps best to start with a look back at 2015 and the conditions which have created the current supply heavy situation. There were continuous drops in price throughout 2015 yet again which has forced the milk prices across the globe to […]

Dairy Market Update Q4 2015 It was yet another strong production season in Europe and prices eased further downwards again over the summer in what is now becoming a familiar pattern. The UK especially enjoyed a bumper season with cumulative production from April to August at 3687m litres. This is 131m litres higher than the […]

Dairy Market Quarter 3 Report                       The 2nd quarter of 2015 was fundamental for the dairy industry as the EU quotas on dairy supply were finally lifted in April. As a result huge opportunities have been opened up for European nations who felt they were not fully able to maximise their potential. […]

As we move into a New Year filled with uncertainty over pricing I think it is best to start this report with a reflection of last year’s dramatic change of landscape in the dairy industry. This time last year milk prices were at record levels due to the market still being short of stock supply […]

  After the historic high prices of 2013, we have now witnessed prices recover to a near familiar level. Prices have been falling consistently since the Spring with the Fonterra GDT auction experiencing a fall of around 40% in 2014. This was to be expected as New Zealand enjoyed a strong production season and Europe […]

Dairy Market Update Q2 2014 Finally it looks like time to be optimistic after what was the most volatile period in the dairy industry in living memory. After nearly 2 years we are now at long last starting to see signs of recovery in terms of pricing on pretty much all dairy products. Milk production […]

  After one of the most turbulent years in recent memory for the dairy industry there is much hope that prices will begin to ease downwards in the first half of 2014. However there is still much reason for caution as we are most certainly not witnessing the easing of prices just yet. The clearest […]

Market Report Q4 2013 Yet again we are seeing increased inflation in the dairy industry and unfortunately it shows no sign of easing as we look cautiously ahead to the winter. We are still feeling the effects of the atrocious weather conditions of the majority of 2012 and Q1 2013. Stocks are still low and […]

INGREDIENT SOLUTIONS MARKET REPORT – Q3, 2013   The year to date has been challenging to say the least, with winter extending to summer and spring just not happening at all.  This coming on top of a very poor summer last year has all added up to a double whammy of higher input costs and […]

Market Report May 2013 The World is eating more cheese –it’s a no-brainer World cheese sales for the 52 weeks ending 30 September 2012, the latest full year’s data from Kantar Worldpanel Cheese show expenditure up by 6.7% to £2.7billion. The growth is made up in part by price increase, with the average price of […]

The Story of Last Year Weaker demand, wettest summer in recent history, first milk supply contraction in export regions since 2010. A slow recovery in international dairy prices that started in mid-July and continued through to Q4, but then ran out of steam by December.  Upward pressure was created in part by the first contraction […]

Well once again it is crystal ball time, predicting the unpredictable of the dairy market. There are very few sure fired facts about the food world today. Opinions there are a plenty, but in truth we have not been in such uncharted waters for decades. Looking through the glass, albeit darkly, a few facts can […]

Dairy commodity prices have been falling for the last two months and are starting to bottom out. All the dairies have built in the drop in milk price for May which will be between 3 and 4 cents a litre in Ireland; this is on top of the 2 cents drop in April. As you […]

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Reading about Domenico Crolla’s $4,200 “Pizza Royale 007″ in The Most Expensive Journal , a resource dedicated to showcasing the costliest consumer items confirms our worst fears that something strange is happening to food prices. Sure the 12 inch pizza pie is liberally endowed with expensive ingredients, such as lobster marinated in cognac, caviar soaked […]

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Well it’s that time again, when we try to give you some guidance on the Cheese and Butter Markets. First it’s worth having a look a food price trends in general and see what the big picture reveals. UK Food Prices History, Henry Ford is reputed to have said, history is bunk. What he actually […]

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